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Username: Arkeus
Name: Lee Miller
Jabbrarii By the way, check the marketplace - I have some bronze/iron tools for sale there!
Jabbrarii I'm old enough to drink as of today! Of course, I am a teetotaler, so...
Jabbrarii The early days, I mean.
Jabbrarii Really? What else do you remember about this game?
Land1130 omg i just found the name of this game again and was able to log into my old account. i found out about this game from Arkeus himsel,f i saw him making it as a kid when he was my neighbor.
Jabbrarii Hmm... does anybody fancy sharing how they found out about Trisphere? I found it through Glissaria (the game on Kongregate.)
Jabbrarii If anyone needs better tools, I have some iron ones at the marketplace!
Arkeus Kind of like what I wished trisphere could have been, minus the multiplayer.
Arkeus A single player action adventure game with lots of RPG elements.
Jabbrarii What do you have planned?
Arkeus Finally getting around to working on my project in Unity. Gonna take forever though.
Jabbrarii How's the game development going, Arkeus? Any new projects?
Jabbrarii Hello Jiuki, welcome to Trisphere!
Jiuki hi im jiuki
Autumn Haha, yes hopefully. You should get into developing a smart phone game~
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