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Username: Arkeus
Name: Lee Miller
Frehnzi this game is fuckin dead lol
Frehnzi wtf lmao
Frehnzi and i sent that last school year
Frehnzi i still see the last thing i sent
Arkeus Apparently some ad blockers like uBlock prevent the javascript from loading and you'll have to disable it.
Deusex ugh the moment when i try to add stats and it doesnt work lol
Arkeus A lack of active players I suppose.
Rawe There are no items on the marketplace. Is that normal?
Arkeus A wild blue name appears...
Loptr Ahoy hoy...
Eldrazi_lykos Yo wassup
Macseber whoa what tha heck
Pahndah Beep boop
Honed hello
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Next Energy Tick:
18 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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