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Username: Arkeus
Name: Lee Miller
Macseber whoa what tha heck
Pahndah Beep boop
Honed hello
Cymos Yes, when i can.just want to get on a leaderboard :p
Eboj anyone still play?
Frehnzi required level 3
Dan1sant what lvl
Frehnzi ill trade 3% gold gain for %3 exp gain
Dan1sant i bought it thx
Cymos 3% goldgain
Cymos Your Demon Amulet has been placed on the marketplace for 100g!
Frehnzi is that sankos room
Grimvestra i play this in a dark room with a wilting plant next to me
Frehnzi the spade, hatchet, and pickaxe
Game Info
Next Energy Tick:
17 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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