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Peinloko The passives are random, you can check which one the monster has before taming it using the monster lens, purchased from the general shop in Rinau. They'll tell you which passive the mob has.
Typhy do pets come with predetermined passive bonuses or are they random? like, is there a certain pet i should try and tame for an exp bonus?
Arkeus Typically an adblock issue, if you have ublock disable it here (no ads anyway).
Typhy guess it's a chrome thing, rip
Typhy i can't add stat points
Peinloko Keep up the good work Arkeus, love your games <3
Peinloko I hope so, I always come back here.
Arkeus 06/10/2841 19:00 MST - I'm the last remaining human on mars. Thankfully Trisphere is still up.
Peinloko 12/13/2017 12:43 gmt:-3 i'm alive
Peinloko Yeah, have faith
974545 There are some people still playing. You gotta believe
Minty Hello
Xakorik People still here? Hard to tell with no timestamps in this chat
Hubris I can't believe this is still here, I searched hard to find it again , and my login!
Criticalhitman Hello there
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