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Username: Arkeus
Name: Lee Miller
Saucyjack nvm, yep - though I forget how it works.
Saucyjack I forget - is luck still a stat in this game?
Fallion Is there stuff other than combat to use energy on?
Arkeus You'd think someone would have learned to include dates in the billboard.
Jabbrarii This place seems to lack many signs of human life, but according to the Billboard, there is definitely a presence here...
Jabbrarii day 1046l
Erik0123 anyone online?
Erik0123 it also recharges if you level up
Erik0123 i usually go back to low level areas
Olcaro But you only get a few MP. How do you fill up after that?
Erik0123 in each battle you recieve some
Olcaro how do I gain MP? Where is that in Help?
Jexx this game looks neat
Jexx hello all
Saucyjack *lurks*
Game Info
Next Energy Tick:
5 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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