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A Free Online PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Game) / RPG (Role Playing Game)
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Welcome to Trisphere, an online RPG where you choose your destiny. Beginning as a peasant, you posess almost no skills, but as you slay monsters, mine treasures, and craft ominous weapons you can choose to follow one of many paths. Make allies, betray friends, and defeat monsters all to become the most powerful being in the land.
Expansive Battle System
Dozens of areas to discover and explore
Hundreds of unique monsters to battle and defeat
In-depth turn based combat, preferring skill over luck
Rewarding quest system, making every fight that much more meaningful
In-Depth Dual Class System
Combine two classes to create your own unique hybrid class
Each class has 3 skill trees with dozens of skills
Place points in your skill tree to create a unique character build
Pick from a range of both passive and active abilities
Revolutionary Item System
Hundreds of millions of possible items, each with unique stats and bonuses
Trade with players to find items with the perfect mods for you
Socket your items with gems and threads, and enchant them with scrolls
Collect ultra rare legendary and set items to equip
Gathering And Crafting Professions
7 different professions, including blacksmithing, enchanting, and alchemy
Gather materials for crafting through a fun and engaging minigame
Create ultra powerful items by imbuing items with gems/threads upon creation
Create all sorts of useful items including weapons, potions, and enchantments
So Much More!
An ever changing world that is constantly being updated with new features
Tame monsters to act as your companions to help you fight
Equip companions with unique cards, boosting their power
Join in the community with a billboard, forums, mail, and more!
Jabbrarii Thank you, Autumn!
Autumn How many do you need?
Jabbrarii If you can see this message, holler in the chat!
Autumn It's better to get high enough agility to dodge 100% of attacks
Autumn Agreed, smithing is the only useful profession. I'm just leveling the other profession for completeness haha
Jabbrarii My plan is to go smithing>crafting>alchemy, while training up enchanting all the while.
Jabbrarii *to justify not
Jabbrarii Alchemy is nice if you want to sell a lot of potions or use up enough energy to not just rely on the healer to top off your health... but it's pretty much useless otherwise.
Jabbrarii I don't know about magic-focused characters, but unless you want a better stable crafting isn't particuarly useful.
Autumn Sounds like a great plan!
Jabbrarii Maybe I'll move on to crafting afterwards.
Jabbrarii I hope to get to level 100 blacksmithing someday.
Autumn What are your goals here?
Autumn I try to play every day if I can remember
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27 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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