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Brap hi new account wats up
Farsah Oh, Nevermind
Farsah Hello. How can i heal my character here?
Theos1 well i guess teh handful of us get to be the best players in this game!
Loptr Same here. Shame.
Theos1 lol every time i log in im the only one on
Loptr Occasionally
Asuna maybe?
Bronson does anyone play this game?
Theos1 true I guess a newer player would not notice that
Twistedmind not sure why it is a good game might be that there hasn't been an update in a long time people get bored after awhile when nothing gets done
Theos1 it doesnt seem like a bad game whats the problem?
Theos1 im the only player on and only 6 in last 48 hours
Theos1 wow i thought this game would have more players
Goo447 nevermind got it
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