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Jabbrarii @TheEpicFailure Would you be interested in purchasing some oak beams?
Theepicfailure anyone tryna sell me some spell sand?
Jabbrarii You can hit F5 to craft the item again.
Theepicfailure they should add a feature to craft more then one item at a time, having to constantly go back to the next thing to craft is annoying
Kiin Yeah, having a fun time just putzing about.
Jabbrarii Are you still interested, Kiin?
Kiin just got to get the money together to buy more.
Jabbrarii Not as many people are around as there used to be - but there's still plenty to do and enough people 'round here to have a good time!
Jabbrarii Trust me - their worth every coin.
Jabbrarii Welcome to the party! Check the marketplace - I'll have some iron tools out soon!
Carrioncrow Hello, I'm new here
Kiin hello
Jabbrarii Hello, Kiin.
Jabbrarii Make sure to check out the Marketplace every now and again - you can find some neat stuff there at a GREAT price!
Bigred3312 thanks
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