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Jabbrarii P.S. Check the market every now and again - sometimes I put stuff up there.
Jabbrarii Don't forget to check in every now and again!
Jabbrarii It's slow around here, but this community's still alive and kicking!
Jabbrarii Welcome back, Autumn!
Autumn Wow Trisphere’s back!
Boopaloopa Nevermind, it was the browser that was preventing me from using the stat points
Boopaloopa 12 Unused stat points. *sigh* still can't use them
Boopaloopa Whenever I press the + button nothing happens.
Boopaloopa Hey everyone, do I need to do something else to use my stat points? I can't seem to put them on strength or anything else
Haliphax and one of my extensions seems to be blocking it ... hrm
Haliphax function seems to be defined twice in js_stat.js
Haliphax stat points can't be set, says "plus is not defined" in JS console
Masjack no worries, Without the full set, it's ok.
Dracosbane Ah, not sure I need more then 100% luck, I've found stuff as is
Masjack plus it has great def for my level.
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(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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