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Loptr Finally made lvl 18 again after having reset my previous L18 character.
Loptr Personally, I love this game. Sure, it would be better with a larger, more active playerbase. But the game itself is cool - a real timesink.
Arkeus I keep trying new things, but never finish anything. Maybe someday...
Tarnos12 This game is still up after so many years. Good game sadly not enough advertisment went into it. Might want to try reddit? Or did you make a new game since then?
Darkaine hello
Faelrox hello guys
Frehnzi this game is fuckin dead lol
Frehnzi wtf lmao
Frehnzi and i sent that last school year
Frehnzi i still see the last thing i sent
Arkeus Apparently some ad blockers like uBlock prevent the javascript from loading and you'll have to disable it.
Deusex ugh the moment when i try to add stats and it doesnt work lol
Arkeus A lack of active players I suppose.
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