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Jabbrarii Hello, dannybones!
Jabbrarii If any Trisphere veterans see this, I'd be willing to buy some recipes off of you.
Jabbrarii Check out the forum for more information and discussions.
Jabbrarii Good. It's best to play in 5-20 minute increments - keeps the experience fresh!
Apollo883 I'm enjoying the game so far
Apollo883 Hello, Jabbrarii
Jabbrarii Hello, Apollo883!
Jabbrarii Any luck with the pet?
Jabbrarii Rianu general store > buy Taming Crystal > weaken an enemy until it's HP is low (I suggest late orange, red) > use taming crystal.
Saraphan How do i also get a pet
Jabbrarii A pet will help too!
Jabbrarii Gaining levels, spending skill points, getting better equipment - about what you'd expect.
Saraphan How can i boost my power
Jabbrarii Sira?
Jirm_10 Where can i find sira?
Game Info
Next Energy Tick:
39 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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