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Autumn Np, hopefully it's a good upgrade when you get there
Jabbrarii Thanks for the gift, Autumn!
Autumn Hi back Jabbrar!
Jabbrarii Hi Autumn!
Autumn Sunsteel tools available on the market again
Jabbrarii Have you ever looked up the freezing point of oxygen?
Jabbrarii I just got hit by "water dust"... does that mean the water pixies are throwing solid hydrogen/oxygen at me? If so, they probably belong in the tundra.
Jabbrarii I'm in the top 20 for mining AND the top 10 for smithing - LET'S GOOOOO!
Jabbrarii Has anyone been up to anything this summer?
Jabbrarii Welcome back!
Jabbrarii Wait... Etherene?! I haven't seen head or heel of you in ages!
Jabbrarii Hi. If you want something made, head over to the forums and post in the Marketplace section.
Etherene hello.
Jabbrarii Welcome to the party!
Agryval greetings.
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57 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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