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Jabbrarii Thank you, Autumn!
Autumn How many do you need?
Jabbrarii If you can see this message, holler in the chat!
Autumn It's better to get high enough agility to dodge 100% of attacks
Autumn Agreed, smithing is the only useful profession. I'm just leveling the other profession for completeness haha
Jabbrarii My plan is to go smithing>crafting>alchemy, while training up enchanting all the while.
Jabbrarii *to justify not
Jabbrarii Alchemy is nice if you want to sell a lot of potions or use up enough energy to not just rely on the healer to top off your health... but it's pretty much useless otherwise.
Jabbrarii I don't know about magic-focused characters, but unless you want a better stable crafting isn't particuarly useful.
Autumn Sounds like a great plan!
Jabbrarii Maybe I'll move on to crafting afterwards.
Jabbrarii I hope to get to level 100 blacksmithing someday.
Autumn What are your goals here?
Autumn I try to play every day if I can remember
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