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Jabbrarii Hi! Be sure to check the Help tab for information. If you have further inquiries, check the forums or post on the billboard.
Chubbygod Hello this is also my first time
Jabbrarii Welcome, Spedex!
Spedex Hello everybody! Just joined the game for the first time.
Jabbrarii Grinding up mining/smithing, perhaps?
Snowfox I finally returned to this game after 2 years, and now I don't even remember what I was doing lol
Jabbrarii There's enchants at the market for anyone who could use a boost!
Jabbrarii If you want to support Trisphere, try rating it 5 stars at
Jabbrarii (actually, the icon is the long sword. Sorry.)
Jabbrarii Finally found that 30th f***ing Skeleton Stonebeak...
Jabbrarii Hey, I found a valkyrie short sword (the icon for Trisphere in the tab.) Do I win anything, Arkeus?
Jabbrarii Anyone need enchants?
Jabbrarii So, how was everyone's halloween?
Jabbrarii I'll be headed to the fountain when I've got 100,000 gold.
Jabbrarii Can any newcomers holler in the chat?
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Next Energy Tick:
14 Minutes
(+200 Energy +100 Fatigue)

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