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Arkeus 06/10/2841 19:00 MST - I'm the last remaining human on mars. Thankfully Trisphere is still up.
Peinloko 12/13/2017 12:43 gmt:-3 i'm alive
Peinloko Yeah, have faith
974545 There are some people still playing. You gotta believe
Minty Hello
Xakorik People still here? Hard to tell with no timestamps in this chat
Hubris I can't believe this is still here, I searched hard to find it again , and my login!
Criticalhitman Hello there
Peinloko Hello fellow adventurer
Blitz08 hello?
Peinloko Nvmd, found it in the help section
Peinloko What are "auras"? Like Fire Aura or Air Aura
974545 Nothing to buy in the marketplace =(
Loptr Finally made lvl 18 again after having reset my previous L18 character.
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